Rabu, 16 Juli 2014

Rose and Chamomile

Just across the north sea she lies still, my first and utmost obsession.
Fiery, blazing scarlet adorns her perfectly; both arousing and burning.
The world's center of attention, the envy of all nations.
Her red, warmth for her fellows, fury for those she despises.

So close by distance, yet firmly untouchable;
with her mighty armada fiercely guarding
every inch of waters between us, and shouting:
"Never again you shall pass, never again!"

That defines her position: within my sight, out of my reach.
Now we're just exchanging explosive-loaded rockets
and sending heavy bombers over each other;
with a woeful outcome: devastating without conquering.

There on a far away eastern land, she reigns proud and haughtily.
White is her colour, white as her winter; pure and serene, they say.
Is purity a rejection for outsiders? Does serenity hide her vast army?
A perfect disguise and protection, for she is coveted by many.

Her winter staves off any invaders,
freezing them before the truth starts to hurt;
the bitter truth when they feel they've won,
to know that in fact they are actually hopeless.

But uncharted as it seems, my confidence keeps telling me:
"You will know the path! You can race the winter!"
And here am I, stuck inside her cold nights;
resigned my fate to her mercy.

Oh boy, tell me how silly I am.
Who send me to my own death?
Nobody here to blame, only myself.
With limited resources and fake self-belief,
I throw myself deep down the abyss of life;
by opening not one, but two deadly fronts.

14. bis 15. Juli 2014
Feldmarschall von Liebeskrank

For you who haven't get the references on the title yet; rose is the national flower of England, while chamomile is the national flower of Russia. For another references appeared, you may want to discover by yourselves.


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